It all began with a hobby for breeding and an unexpected gift. In 2009, founder Danny Parmadi was given two pairs of adult luwak, or civet cats, from a coffee farmer in his neighborhood in Malino city. The agitated farmer merely saw these cats as pests and just wanted to be rid of them. Danny, however, warmly welcomed these so-called pests and in just a year, the pairs gave birth to three more pairs of luwaks, forming two happy little soon-to-be-profitable families. Danny was then struck with an idea. He sought to make use of these luwaks while helping nearby coffee farmers sell their crops. Malino city, the production site for Danny’s Kopi Luwak and his current residence, is a well known recreational area since Dutch colonial times. Located in Gowa district, South Sulawesi province, some 2 hours from Makassar city, Malino’s incredibly fertile soil is great for growing various types of crops, such as tea, coffee and cloves.

Malino’s highlands, some 1,500 meters to 2,830 meters above sea level, produces some of the best coffee beans in the world. The city’s cool air is perfect for yielding top quality Arabica coffee beans that have original and distinctive flavors hard to find elsewhere.

Danny’s first batch of KopiLuwak came out in 2010. Because of his limited knowledge on producing this unusual beverage, his first batch of beans was far from the first-class quality Kopi Luwak you would expect from Indonesia. This led him to participate in coffee training sessions held at the ICCRI (Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa research Institute) as an effort to improve the taste of his product.

Why Malino’s Coffee ?

In 2011, we finally launchedKopi Luwak Malino. Since then, we have been continuously striving to develop and enhance the flavor of our KopiLuwak. As the years passed, our rich, elegant and original flavors led to our product becoming one of Malino’s top export commodities.

We sought to develop perfection and after six years, we finally managed to come up with the perfect brew to tantalize your taste buds. And now, we proudly introduce our premium grade product: “DANNY’S COFFEE”, a fine taste of nature.