Danny’s Coffee uses only premium grade coffee beans processed using high standards and specially treated luwaks to produce the one of the best premium grade Kopi Luwak in the world. We have exported our product to various countries, such as China, Hong Kong and Korea, under the brand name Kopi Luwak Malino.

We then chose to re-brand our product and name it Danny’s Coffee as an homage to our founder, who managed to elevate the already elegant Kopi Luwak to a whole new level of sophistication.


Why it is premium product?

Here’s our secret to make it into premium product
1. Selected luwaks are fed with only the best quality red cherry coffee beans.

2. Only the healthiest luwaks are chosen to produce this coffee. These luwaks are also on a strict nutritious diet to ensure they produce the best beans.

3. The feces containing coffee beans are separated from the regular feces of these luwaks.

4.The beans then undergo a cleaning process with extremely high standards. Only finely hulled beans pass this cleaning and selection process.

5.After mashing the beans with a traditional pestle, we undergo another careful selection process where we manually select perfect green coffee beans to be processed even further.



What about the taste ?

We understand that there are many variations of coffee flavors throughout the globe depending on the characteristics of the coffee beans and the roasting level. After years of mixing and matching techniques, we found that a Full City Brown Roast was the best technique for our type of coffee.

  1. Aroma/ Taste: strong, sweet, tasty aroma
  2. Acidity: soft and short
  3. Sweet-Bitterness: Less and short bitter followed with a sweet flavor
  4. Body: medium thick
  5. Aftertaste: sweet and tasteful