Nursing Board Exam Requirements 2021

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Under the Act, the Nursing Licensing Examination (NLE) is conducted twice a year by the PRC through the Nursing Professional Regulatory Council. The PRC recently announced the schedule for the PRC licence reviews for 2021, including the opening of online processing of applications and the deadline for submission of applications. d. If the eligibility requirements are met, the applicant will receive a letter of admission with instructions on how to register for Pearson VUE. Approval is transferred to Pearson VUE. Suppose the candidate achieves a passing grade or higher than the GPA assessment, but a score below 60% in one of the five subjects. In this case, the candidate must retake the exam, but only in the subject(s) in which the candidate obtained less than 60%. Please note that exam results are not published by the ministry by telephone. The results are not official until they have been received by this office. The ministry will send official results to candidates after routine processing. The online submission of an application for a licence review was facilitated by the CPM Licensing Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS).

The PRC requires applicants to be provided with an appointment date before contacting a PRC office to submit their application. Applicants can use any FDLE-approved live scanning service provider to submit their fingerprints. The applicant assumes full responsibility for the selection of the service provider and ensures that the results are communicated to the Commission office. For more information, FAQs and a list of all approved Livescan service providers, please visit the background check website and click on the Livescan Service Providers tab. Please bring the electronic fingerprint form with you to the Livescan provider for care. Please check the service provider`s requirements to see if you need to bring any additional items. Please verify that the ORI number provided by the Livescan service provider matches the Florida Board of Nursing. You can register for the November exam. Please refer to this link for the schedule: candidates with a criminal record must submit the following documents to the Chamber: Candidates who fail their exam must file a request for reconsideration. This new rule applies to programs that use all terms and conditions, including online, in person or a combination of both. 34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)(v) requires the nursing program to provide: Successful completion of a nursing program that meets the requirements set forth in the Connecticut State Agency (RSA) Regulations: Internationally educated applicants are only required to provide proof of completion of the international certification program submitted by CGFNS (a transcript from your nursing school is not required). Candidates must register for the exam with Pearson Vue.

Click on this link to register online. For the avoidance of doubt, applicants admitted with a Letter of Admission (NOA) issued from last year (2020) and this year`s original schedule (May 30-31, 2021) will be accepted for the Nursing Licensing Examination in July 2021. Successful completion of Registered Nursing Education Program courses that correspond to a Practical Nursing Education Program – Practical Nurse Examination Based on Practical Nursing Equivalency (EQS) Candidates eligible for the exam will receive a Letter of Test Authorization (ATT) by mail or email with information on how to schedule an exam. The ATT is sent directly by the inspection service. Candidates must complete an NCLEX registration form with the required examination fee for each examination administration. For repeat offenders, you must provide the same documentation requirements above, with the exception of copies of the related Learning Experience Summary (LRA) and OR and DR cases. The registration fee for the exam is as follows: To pass the exam and become a nurse, a candidate must receive an overall average score of at least seventy-five percent (75%) with a score of at least sixty percent (60%) in each subject.