Ninja 400 Highway Legal Philippines

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The Dominar 400 has been one of the most overlooked models on the big motorcycle scene since its launch in 2018. But we just can`t ignore the fact that a well-built bike like this is so affordable. The Dominar 400 is an incredibly expensive modern bike under 400cc that costs just 175,000 pesos. It is a full-size touring motorcycle with a chassis and tires that allow you to ride comfortably and economically at high speeds. It has an engine with the same basic equipment as the KTM Duke 390. The Dominar 400 has proven its durability in its native India, where it sells well and is used and abused daily by its owners. The latest models comply with the law to already circulate on the highway. For us, the Dominar 400 will always be an exceptional legitimate bike, both in terms of value for money and performance. However, the local motorcycle landscape continued to grow, especially the segment that gave people more freedom on the road. Today, we`re going to look at some of the legal highway bikes you can buy here in the Philippines. The only all-Japanese motorcycle on this list, this naked version of the Ninja 400 has all the bells and whistles for just 279,000 pesos. This is the cheapest Japanese 400cc Big Bike sub multicylinder you can buy today. It has the Japanese high level of engineering, quality and performance.

Like the Ninja 400, it is now Expressway legal by completing its travel count. Nicknamed “The Corner Rocket”, the KTM Duke 390 is one of the lightest bikes on the list. With a weight of only 153 kg, it has an incredible power-to-weight ratio. We have already participated in the launch of the first generation in Austria in 2013 and have described it as the best naked motorcycle for Pinoys. For 2 years, the second-generation Duke has been light, fast and agile with its rich orange color that perfectly reflects KTM`s motto “Ready to Race”. The current generation of Duke is a big step up from the original in terms of style and electronics. It is now also manufactured in the Philippines for a few years. Since the introduction of the original Duke 390 over 7 years ago, it has always been legal to enter highways. This is definitely an important fun bike for P289,000.Read More here: Read More here. The local motorcycle industry offers several highway-approved scooters that are perfect for busy city streets or for exploring less stretched provincial roads. The other motorcycles homologated by KTM are the RC 390 in the Supersport category. Launched in the Philippines in 2018, the Kawasaki Ninja 400 is a monster motorcycle that offers a combination of performance, agility and controllability in a muscular body.

Originating from the widespread ninja family, both the ABS version and the KRT variant of this road-legal sports bike are available at the P331.000 price. With strong DNA circulating through its body, the Ninja 400 also inherits many great qualities from its big siblings, making it perfect for new and experienced pilots. In addition to its aggressive design, this new bike also features a lattice frame similar to that of the Ninja H2, an assist and sliding clutch, as well as incredible braking power with large 310mm semi-floating front disc brakes that are the same as those used on the Ninja ZX-14R – the largest in its class. For driver comfort, the Ninja 400 is equipped with a radiator fan and side panels. Other new features include LED lighting, digital instrumentation, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and immobilizer for safety. The Ninja 400 lives up to its powerful blood and is powered by a 399cc liquid-cooled DOHC gasoline engine that can deliver up to 49 horsepower and 38Nm of torque. This powertrain is then connected to a 6-speed manual transmission. Meanwhile, traffic police were asked to check the documents of motorcycles they suspect to be less than 400cc, and LTO officials were told not to intentionally declare engine displacement in the registration documents of registered motorcycles. According to departmental regulation 123 of the Ministry of Public Works and Roads, only motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of 400 cc may be used on toll roads and restricted access highways. The order was issued to ensure the safety of commuters crossing all major highways in the country and calls on the public to be vigilant against violations of the ban. If you`ve been driving on one of the highways for a few weeks, you`ve probably noticed that more and more two-wheelers are passing you.

Have you ever wondered why only 400cc motorcycles are allowed on highways? Another popular highway option in the Philippines is the KTM Duke 390. The naked motorcycle has a 373.2cc engine mated to a six-speed gearbox that produces about 44 horsepower with about 37 Nm of torque. This low-cost, highway-homologated motorcycle has a 373 cc engine connected to a six-speed gearbox. This configuration allows the Dominar 400 to achieve a decent maximum power of 40 horsepower with a maximum torque of 35 Nm. Full review here: This list is based solely on the SRP and is in no way a ranking of their quality or bad. We just want to introduce you to the affordable options based on our knowledge. It also doesn`t include maxi scooters, but we have a separate list. The 400N NK was launched in 2018 and remains one of the best economy motorcycles available locally.

This beautifully designed naked bike was designed by Kiska and feels very modern. It has an LCD display, LED headlights and taillights, Bosch EFI system, ABS and powered by a 400.4 cc DOHC in-line 2-cylinder engine, for P219.800. Other notable features of this commuter motorcycle include the dual-spring single-shock suspension, dual-channel ABS, and split inverted LCD.