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Most countries in which we operate do not have specific laws governing the liability of Internet service providers such as ourselves for fraud, intellectual property infringement, other illegal activities of individual users, or content infringed by third parties hosted on a provider`s servers. This legal uncertainty allows different judges or courts to rule on very similar claims in different ways and to establish contradictory case law. Internet regulation in the countries where we operate is strict and several legal issues related to the Internet are uncertain. We are subject to a number of other laws and regulations, and governments may enact laws or regulations that could adversely affect our business. To the extent that Mercado Libre has complied with the rules and taken the measures referred to in the previous section, Mercado Libre is not responsible for the illegal interception or violations of its systems or databases or their use by unauthorized persons. Mercado Libre is also not responsible for the misuse of information obtained in this way. (vi) “Members of the Brand Protection Program” means participants in the Mercado Libre Trademark Protection Program (formerly the Intellectual Property Program) for the purpose of defending intellectual property rights commercialized by Mercado Libre. Conozca más de este Programa en: MercadoPago, like the MercadoLibre platform, is also vulnerable to potentially illegal or abusive uses, including fraudulent and illegal sales, money laundering, bank fraud, various fraud schemes and online securities fraud. In addition, the MercadoPago Service may be subject to unauthorized use of credit cards, identity theft, account balance burglary, employee fraud, or other internal security breaches, and we may need to compensate customers for any funds stolen as a result of such breaches.

Merchants can also request a refund or stop using MercadoPago if they are affected by buyer fraud. If Mercado Libre decides to share your personal information with third parties other than those mentioned, we will request your prior and express consent, as long as there is no authorization or legal obligation that allows it to be done without that consent. Par l`intermédiaire de votre représentant légal, vous pouvez également exercer vos droits énoncés à la clause 13 du présent Avis. (v) “Public authorities”: administrative and judicial authorities which, in the exercise of their competence, need information, even in the absence of an administrative order or order, in order to: (a) participate in the investigation and reporting of fraud, piracy, intellectual or industrial property infringements or other illegal activities, as well as activities or circumstances that may give rise to legal liability towards Mercado Libre and/or its users; participate; (b) protection against the public interest, the administration or administration of justice, the recognition, exercise or defence of a right in judicial or administrative proceedings and/or the settlement of disputes; and (c) comply with any applicable law, regulation or regulation, or with a duly justified and reasoned mandate from a competent authority. (viii) “Desarrolladores” means in el marco y las condiciones del Programa de Desarrolladores de Mercado Libre ( 1.4 If you use a third party`s products and/or services or visit a third party`s websites, mobile applications and/or services, that third party`s privacy policy or similar policies will apply to any personal data you provide to the third party. Mercado Libre assumes no legal responsibility for the misuse or disclosure of your personal data by third parties. Mercado Libre recommends and encourages you to consult the privacy policy of the relevant third party when you visit a third party`s website, mobile application and/or services or social media account. 2. “Sensitive personal data” generally refers to personal data that may result in an affront to the personal dignity of a natural person or a threat to his personal or immovable security when unlawfully disclosed or used, including information such as biometric identification, religious beliefs, specific identity, medical health, financial account and locations and traces, as well as location data, as well as data of the natural person. Personal data of minors under the age of 14. All categories of sensitive personal information in this Privacy Policy are marked with bold and underlining.

In Argentina, los Servicios de Mercado Libre son prestados por Mercado Libre S.R.L., CUIT 30-70308853-4, con domicilio en Avenida Caseros 3039, Piso 2, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, C1264AKK, República Argentina; Meli Log S.R.L., CUIT 30-71568605-4, con domicilio en la calle Arias 3751, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, C1430CRG, República Argentina; Tech Pack S.R.L., BAKED 30-71692606-7 con domicilio en Av. Caseros 3039 C1264AAK, Argentine Republic. These Mercado Libre Services are offered through the and platforms. The person responsible for the database collected in the Argentine Republic is Mercado Libre S.R.L. “Seller” refers to legal entities (excluding natural persons) that maintain an account with the Seller and/or sell Products through the Platform. The Mercado Libre Services may be made available to minors with the prior consent of the legal representative. If you belong to this category and do not have the consent of your representative, you do not have to provide his personal data. We only retain personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, to comply with regulatory or legal requirements or for the statutory limitation period of any legal or contractual liabilities. Several companies that run e-commerce websites, such as eBay or Amazon, have been successful and profitable in the past. However, we operate in Latin America in a different business environment than eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce companies operate and which consist mainly of markets outside of Latin America. These differences include smaller national markets, lower Internet adoption rates, less reliance on remote payment mechanisms, less reliable postal and parcel services, and less predictable political, economic and legal frameworks in Latin America.

Therefore, you should not interpret the success of any of these companies as an indication of our financial outlook. The Platform and Channels are not directed to children, and we do not knowingly collect personal information (including as defined in the U.S. Children`s Privacy Protection Act or “COPPA”) from children. If you are a parent or guardian and believe that we have collected personal information from children, please contact us at When a Seller User receives Personal Information from its buyers, it is responsible for the processing of that information and acquires the associated obligations. Therefore, you may not use the data for any purpose other than the transaction that triggered the collection. For this reason, they may only use the personal data of other users obtained on the Website for the following purposes: (a) purposes related to transactions on the Mercado Libre platform, (b) use of the services offered on Mercado Libre (e.g. Claims for deposit, insurance, shipping or transport and fraud) and (c) for any other purpose to which the user concerned expressly consents, after the information or regulations required by law have been previously communicated. Activate locally. “Platform” means the websites and platforms operated by Mercado Libre for online e-commerce transactions available through and all related services available to Sellers there, which currently deal only with Sellers and not with individual Buyers. MercadoLibre, Inc. (literally “free market” in Spanish and known as Mercado Livre in Portuguese) is an Argentine company based in Montevideo, Uruguay, based in the United States, that operates online marketplaces for e-commerce and online auctions, including

In 2016, Mercado Libre had 174.2 million users in Latin America[3], making it the most popular e-commerce site in the region by number of visitors. [4] The company has offices in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela. [5] As part of the development of Mercado Libre`s brand protection initiatives in recent years, the Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance relies on its own and shared experience and experiences. The joint lawsuit with Tommy Hilfiger under this initiative is an example of the importance of cooperation and the creation of new forms of cooperation in the region.