Legal Advice Scotland

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For other legal matters, the Scottish Government has information on hearings in relation to children and criminal cases. Legal centers have lawyers and other advisors who can give you free legal advice. Your local Citizens` Advice Office offers advice on a range of issues and there is also a guide to your rights on the Citizens Advice Scotland website. Other counselling organisations, such as Shelter for housing issues, also offer valuable help. The clerk`s office of your local sheriff`s court can provide you with all the necessary court forms. To find a legal aid lawyer near you, visit the Scottish Legal Aid Board website. You can also get legal advice in civil court matters from legal counsel currently available at the sheriff`s courts in Aberdeen, Airdrie, Dundee, Edinburgh, Hamilton and Kilmarnock – access court contact details. The Scottish Centre for Women`s Rights provides free legal aid to women affected by violence such as domestic violence, rape, harassment, forced marriage and human trafficking. Call the helpline or make an appointment for one of the operations in Glasgow or Hamilton. You are entitled to free legal advice if you are questioned by police officers at a police station. Our free confidential legal advice service is provided by telephone and email on all aspects of Scots law relating to children and young people. All calls and emails are handled by qualified lawyers.

A lawyer can also help you prepare for a Social Security court. If you cannot pay your legal fees, you can contact the Scottish Legal Aid Board. If you have a problem you need help with, you may need legal advice to resolve it. You can get help from a legal advisor who specializes in your problem, such as a lawyer, or other organizations can help. There are usually costs associated with using a lawyer, but you may be eligible for assistance with legal fees. Who can help you if you need advice on a legal issue, such as debts, housing, benefits, employment, divorce or monetary claims? A dedicated staff member will answer all questions about the lawyer qualification, including information about universities, the cost of studying law and career prospects, as well as general questions about a career in the legal profession. Please contact us by phone or at You can also seek advice if you have a dispute with your landlord. A lawyer can help you if you want to discuss legal protection for you and your children.

You may be able to get legal help to cover your legal costs – the income of an abusive partner will not be taken into account when deciding if you qualify. Please note that neither the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service nor the Scottish Government is able to provide legal advice to the public. If you need to go to a mental health court, legal aid is available free of charge to cover the cost of legal representation. You should consult a lawyer who provides legal aid. Lawyers can provide you with legal advice and represent you in court. If you have a problem, you may need legal advice to resolve it. You can seek advice from a lawyer, but you should know that legal aid is not always free. There may be other organizations that can advise you for free. If you can`t pay your rent but haven`t been evicted yet, you can get help and advice from your local government. You can always seek advice from your local council, even if you don`t live in a church and have a private landlord. This page gives an overview of the types of legal support available to go to court, where you can get advice and some of the pitfalls of taking legal action with help.

We advise you on issues related to parental duties and rights, residence, contacts, children`s rights, juvenile delinquency, education, health, social work, confidentiality and access to records. Our advice hotline is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4pm. Turn2Us Guide This charity helps people in financial difficulty find advice on benefits, housing, employment and legal issues.