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“In my opinion, DPG is one of the largest civil rights companies in the country. All the lawyers who have hired me are tireless defenders of human rights. They are hardworking, dedicated, legally savvy, fully up-to-date and fully dedicated to providing care to clients and achieving the best possible results for lay clients. “We are pleased to work with Hamlins on our copyright infringement cases. The team keeps us updated on the legal process from start to finish and takes time out of their busy schedule to attend weekly meetings with us to address concerns or provide case-specific updates. We feel we are in good hands because we know there is a wealth of experience in the Hamlins team. “Robert Horsfall – excellent legal understanding, experience and business instinct. I appreciate the balance he seeks in the negotiations so that all parties share the value of the agreement. David Hodson – What he doesn`t know about international family work is not worth knowing. Ann Thomas – Brilliant client skills and a pleasure to work with. Lucy Greenwood – A brilliant strategist who selects her legal team very carefully. Lucy Loizou – Leads the team excellently! Michael Allum – One of the best lawyers in the industry. He will be a star in the world of family law for many years to come! Helen Blackburn – Whether under her name or in a case against her, you should definitely bring your `A` game! “Bristows` media and entertainment team combines the best of in-depth practical knowledge with pragmatic, customer-focused advice.

They are a fantastic addition to our in-house legal team, and when I turn to them, it makes life easier and easier. Kingsley Napley LLP “has a strong family law team – the strength and depth of the team is unmatched in any London-based family law team. The highest quality of legal advice and representation is offered without loss for individual customer service. Charlotte Bradley, the firm`s director, is “absolutely at the top of the tree Family law partners in London are no better than them.” Partners and employees have a wide range of expertise in the areas of finance and child labour. She is known for representing clients in highly competitive and complex financing procedures for UNHW/HNW and high-profile clients. She also has extensive experience in cases involving complex farm and rural families, and much of her work has a transnational dimension. Other highlights are advising in international affairs with children`s issues such as resettlement and surrogacy cases. Jane Keir also plays a pivotal role in the department and Lauren Evans was recently promoted to partnership. “The first law firm specializing in sports at the national level. He has become number one since his birth less than five years ago.

A reflection of the talent he can attract and possess. “I really appreciate their excellent communication. They went the extra mile to resolve the various and likely legal proceedings and outcomes. Their approach has always been professional and at the same time warm and empathetic, which is not so common. Miles & Partners LLP receives particular praise for its “extremely child-centric” approach and for its “exceptional children in public law”. The group deals with a wide range of issues, from child abduction, forced marriages and genital mutilation to premarital agreements and complicated TOLATA. It is co-directed by “hardworking” Michelle Uppal; Amanda Dench (who has a “source of knowledge”) and Kate Hammond, who has “the rare ability to explain complex legal information to children in a clear but not patronizing way.” Overall, the team is being praised for being “just great at what they do. The entire team goes out of their way to achieve great results for clients. “I worked closely with Robert Tuner`s team from the London office. They were fantastic. They helped me with various projects. The main difference from other partners and employees in the firm is that everyone I`ve worked with at Bird & Bird is business-oriented.

I think that`s the peculiarity of this company. As in-house counsel, I look for business solutions. “At the partner level, Howard Kennedy has a number of highly qualified lawyers who are positioned to handle legal matters as well as their clients` broader strategic objectives.” “Emma Hatley and Debbie Chism are the future (and almost today`s) leaders in their market. They all combine strong tactical awareness with the ability to put even the most irascible or fragile client at ease. Both are good lawyers and usually know the answer before anyone else. Sam Longworth is on their heels and is exceptionally creative and innovative in his approach to legal issues, not afraid to try the unpopular or revolutionary, every angle is tested to the breaking point before choosing the right path. Georgina Stanley, editor-in-chief of The Legal 500 UK Solicitors, “They take a reasonable pragmatic approach to a contentious situation. Their legal analysis of the problem is good and they offer me as a client a number of options on how to proceed. Mayer Brown International LLP has a proven track record of expertly managing large corporate transactions and the intellectual property involved in such transactions. The firm also handles disputes with the media and advises film/television studios on legal issues arising from production.

Miles Robinson leads the department, focusing on disputes arising from contracts and commercial matters that regularly affect multiple jurisdictions. James Whitaker, who is very active on the controversial site, regularly represents players in the film and television industry and is one of the company`s main contacts for charities in this field. “Shulamit Aberbach has been outstanding in his work in supporting our cause.