Are Mag Couplers Legal in Nj

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Gun stores are allowed to legally store banned magazines, but they cannot sell them. Vlad, I am compliant with the 922R standard and nj legal if I have these parts on an otherwise intact saiga: pistol grip and 15 cartridge mag is it and legal. no foldable or folding. (some PINs are foldable (as an AR for NJ would be)) As long as it does not “feed” more than 10 rds, it is legal. here is my Saiga 762×39 which is NJ legal. (FSB or threading has never done that). While Bach is optimistic that his organization will eventually prove that the law is unconstitutional, the courts have regularly opposed it. The most recent blow came when a federal judge ruled in July that the law was constitutional after the state sought a ruling on the case. The judge sided with a federal appeals court`s decision, saying his decision “solves all the legal issues in this case.” Does anyone use a mag clutch to connect 2 10th mags together? It seems that they are legal in this state, as only 10 cartridges are continuously fed before the paired magazine needs to be removed and returned. Is the weapon specifically indicated by name? NO, it`s a clone. This means that it is legal as long as you play the Game Evil Features.

Hi guys, I`m new to waffle and my first purchase was a Saiga 7.62×39 carabiner! I unfortunately live in Nazi Germany, coughing, I mean New Jersey, and it`s hard for me to understand our laws on reticular guns here. The Nj law does not allow mags of more than 15 turns. I found 15 round mags made in the US that are considered “3 pieces of conformity”. Can I use them? I also want to add the Tapco t6 bearing system that adds the pistol grip, and I believe it counts as 1 piece of compliance, can I do that? Please help me keep my gun legal and get my butt out of jail! I was raised by liberals who hate guns and love the Prius, so I have no idea about that! Oh, I also ordered a cheap red dot and a scope mount, I guess these aren`t “bad” features? The storage of banned magazines also contributes to the financing of the lawsuit against the law on the prohibition of large capacity magazines. The rebels said 20 percent of the money would be used as part of the storage program to fund the trial of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol. Vlad, why is this a big step backwards? I guess you mean that if I do the conversion, the gun will be better balanced with a more pleasant trigger feel. I admit that the Tapco Intrafuse stick looks stupid, but the ace I chose seems to come straight from the receiver. Really, since this is my first weapon and I`ve never tried the converted version before, I don`t know what I`m missing, I think. The weapon makes me feel good as it is, I just prefer the look of the ace tree and the pistol grip.

I really don`t want to hack it and do a conversion, and even if I did, I don`t have the skills, time, or knowledge to do it, so I would have to take it to a gunsmith and pay for it. Realistically, I`m going to use this thing in the range as tops 6x a year. The only other use of the weapon would be in a Teotwawki scenario. Honestly, I prefer to put the money in another weapon. Maybe I`ll convert it later or if a used convert comes along, maybe I`ll just buy it. Let me know, if you ever want to sell yours, I would definitely be interested. They plan to challenge it before the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary, said Bach, the organization`s executive director. If the ban remains intact, the rebels said people who have stored their magazines in the safe can have them changed to 10 rounds of ammunition or sold or shipped out of the state. Come, shoot mine. I`ll take you out and you can throw some mags.

Then it can help you better understand Rifle. Please note the diagram I created. The pins used by the factory weapon make the trigger easy to suck. lol “I want to follow the law,” she said. “Even if I don`t agree with that.” Factory Saiga has 14 countable pieces. You need 10 or fewer imported parts to stay compliant. Here are the NJ laws on the NJSP website. (it`s a PDF). see pages 3-4 for DETAILED INFORMATION.

Want more paired mags? There`s a 5 mags clutch out there (but I think it only works with this company`s magazines): U.S. Fire Control Group (I recommend Tapco G2, they`re awesome..) – 3 parts A spokesman for the attorney general didn`t know how many people were accused of using or owning a high-capacity magazine, but said they would continue to strictly enforce the law. A trolley filled with large capacity chargers that must be placed in a locked safe. County Line Firearms rents a firearms safety deposit box to hold high-capacity magazines given to them (Patti Sapone | NJ Advance Media for Sapone | NJ Advance Media, if you want to change something. a car. Gun. Whatever. Do it for the best. not for the worse.

Adding a US Made One cancels it out because you start from 14 countable pieces. until the 15th, but then, since it is a pistol grip made in the United States, the piece comes off again. where the overall count remains unchanged. Next comes 922 compliance. The weapon is imported as a sports rifle (low-capacity magazine, no pistol grip, etc.) if you cancel the sports function (add a magazine with a higher cap and pistol grip). You need to take the total amount of imported parts on the rifle. and replace them with parts made in the United States. but honestly. Putting this setup on your weapon is a HUGE step backwards. Damn, I thought we had agreed that I would do the conversion for you. There is no hacking and the weapon would be much better Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has already called high-capacity magazines “dangerous” because they are “disproportionately used in mass shootings.” The law is one of many gun laws passed last year that make New Jersey`s strict gun laws even stricter.

Possession of a high-capacity magazine pistol can result in up to 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine. ACE warehouse (I have an extra cheap mounting block if you are interested. Thanks Al, it helps a lot, so I should actually pin the Tapco t6 stock if I got it so it couldn`t fit? sounds really stupid, but what gun law isn`t stupid in New Jersey, right? If so, I really tend to convert. Oh and btw they now do 15 round mags for nj saiga guys, so I don`t need 30 rd like. nice weapon you have there btw!. My Saiga. One of my elders. and others where I helped people. I hope this helps a little.

oh. & Scopes means nothing. I offered my help, I gave you all the information you need to know, now it`s up to you to decide if you want a real gun or a piece of. Get the latest updates right in your inbox. Subscribe to newsletters. Should have mentioned that I`m shooting 7.62 x 39, Cross-Mags doesn`t have that available yet. Soon. It looks good, I`ll keep an eye on them, thank you! The weapon comes with 14 countable pieces. These are foreign parts that you will replace with American parts. You need to reduce the number of pieces to 10. I recommend 9 just so there is a buffer.

You can`t count the parts that aren`t there yet. I had to sterilize all my 30 laps by RIVETING them at 10-15 on the SPINE. I never bought the SGM mags, if that`s what you mean. The $10 Steel AK Mags is more durable and 1/2 of the price. IMHO. “The law is misaligned. It`s not at all surprising to me (that no one handed them over to the state police),” said Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, the organization that questions the constitutionality of the law. Man, I told you that all I need is a flathead screwdriver, a hammer and a drill, I don`t need anything else. It`s not that Ive has never done this before I did it several times, it`s not 1/10 as difficult as you think.

I helped someone (on THIS page) to put this together. and it was made VERY cheap. The last is the consideration of journals. because I can`t use “high capacity” magazines in New Jersey. I decided to use US-made plastic mags (Surefire) that work well and are durable so far. (a few years of intensive use) I have had several PMs on the Saiga over time. So, I just wanted to make a single thread with some information in it to make it easier the next time someone has a question. The only thing the rebels said gun owners don`t do is hand over their high-capacity magazines to law enforcement, one of the decisions that encouraged state officials when the law went into effect. Tapco pistol grip (have an extra of those with mounting nut if you are interested), so a standard saiga is good to go according to NJ AWB laws, provided you follow this information.

put on the barrel. easily drill into the barrel (just enough to “sink” it for the PIN) (bottom) Ok Ok you convinced me! I want to get it right and everyone seems to agree, I`m going to order the CSS conversion box today, I`m going to get the one you told me with the extra trigger bolt or whatever It`s Theresa Napolitano, a lawyer who keeps a dozen magazines in the GunSitters safe, said she “is annoyed by the fact that this law has come into effect,” but for now, the single mother has abandoned magazines that she said felt safe at home. The Saiga accepts most standard AK furniture, with the exception of the front handguard. If you want to use an AK handguard, you need to use an AK hand holder for the bottom (and a standard AK gas hose for the top (credit to Lunker +1 for the recall!). There are companies that sell the screwed ones (Dinzag) or you can completely tear the gun and press a real AK. I was very lucky with the Bolt-on version.