Are Lar 15 Mags Legal in Canada

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ATRS (Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply) produces its own AT15 polymer magazines, each containing 10 cartridges. While they cost a bit more than other metal LAR-15 mags, they also have an extended handle at the bottom to make them easier to get out of a magazine pocket. This would make them a little better for 3 weapons and the like, where a longer mag is easier to handle than the 10 short cartridges. If ak47 magazines are legal, why can`t lar15 magazines be legal, so if they fit into the rifle, a gun owner has every right to fire that magazine with ten shots, but not necessarily others (it may well be illegal) because it was made for a firearm that could be defined as a handgun. First, if you have the criminal intent to use a firearm and you want to use a standard capacity magazine, all you have to do is use a drill to remove the rivet that keeps it at legal capacity. The rivet therefore only prevents legitimate gun users from taking advantage of standard capacity magazines, not criminals. These regulations place an undue burden on licensed firearms owners when participating in shooting sports, defending themselves against predators in the wilderness, and exposing them to devastating criminal penalties for unintentional offences. Much of this involves gun dealers insuring potential customers and gun owners making sure each other that it`s actually legal. A retailer that sells the magazines publishes an RCMP court decision that can be downloaded in .pdf to reassure potential customers that they will not be sent to a federal jail for up to five years for possession of a banned device, but can order it with a clear conscience for $27.99 plus taxes and shipping costs. These are the 10 round chargers .223/7.62×39 that the trail model accepts (AR/LAR). I then looked for other bolt guns that accept AR mags to see if this sentence is repeated. Are you still concerned about the legal implications? See RCMP Special Bulletin 72, which says, “. A similar example is the 10-shot magazine for Rock River Arms` LaR-15 pistol, regardless of the type of firearm in which it is actually used.

It is specifically mentioned in the bulletin as an example. They are certainly legal, says Solomon Friedman, a gun lawyer in Ottawa: “I don`t think there`s a debate about legality. It`s complicated, and people don`t understand it, but legally it`s very well regulated. Low-power rim firing projectiles such as the 22LR are legally exempt from legislation that prohibits standard capacity magazines in all other calibers. Hundreds of thousands of gun owners own these devices and the RCMP has no reliable way to inform them of this policy change. Like all prohibited devices and firearms, possession without a licence is subject to severe criminal penalties that turn law-abiding gun owners into paper criminals. So: Are they legal to own? Is it legal to shoot a rifle (another point discussed)? And why this nervousness? These “interpretations” or “loopholes” show the impracticability of regulation and further increase the legal exposure of law-abiding citizens as they struggle to comply with a foolish law. In addition, the Canadian Firearms Program often changes its interpretation of these regulations by simply publishing “Special Bulletin No. 72” on its website. This essentially changes the effect of the regulation, which turns a previously “legal” magazine into a “prohibited device” that exposes owners to a mandatory prison sentence of 1 year and up to 5 years, depending on the circumstances of the crime. Basically, it says you can`t take 30 round mags and grab them for use in your bolt action Many gun dealers also sell a wedge-shaped device (which Friedman calls “absolutely legal”) designed to connect two LAR-15 magazines from bottom to bottom.

By turning the loaders attached between rounds 10 and 11 and releasing the lock, a shooter can get closer to the capability of a 20-shot magazine — in a YouTube demonstration, a man using two LAR-15 magazines in an Israeli-developed assault rifle fires 20 shots in 16 seconds. Rock River Arms, a firearms manufacturer based in Colona, Illinois, manufactures a pistol CALLED LAR-15 that more or less resembles a miniature AR-15 rifle. Designed to be fired with one hand, it fires a 5.56mm bullet – an ordinary rifle cartridge – and uses a magazine suitable for many rifles. In Canada, it is legally classified as a pistol. “You cut off the big magazines so you don`t have someone go crazy trying to kill too many people at once,” says Doug Carlson, a retired Ontario Provincial Police staff sergeant who worked as a regional firearms officer in Ontario for six years.