Are Hemp Plants Legal in Texas

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For your safety, please consume only smokable hemp in the privacy of your home. Fiber could be a viable option for hemp production in Texas, but much more research is needed to determine the right strains and good management practices to make it profitable, Trostle said. Reducing seed costs would also help. Owen is not alone. According to Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, five thousand acres of Texas soil have been allowed for hemp this year. Many farmers are betting that CBD products will save Texas agriculture from the ruinous impact of the ongoing trade war with China on commodity prices. But experts say that very few hectares have so far yielded a profitable harvest. The lack of research, an oversaturated market and the lack of infrastructure available for the processing of raw hemp prevent a widespread harvest. After years of seeing hemp touted as a lucrative alternative to cotton, corn and milo, skeptics are now wondering if it can be launched in Texas. Marijuana and hemp are often indistinguishable from appearance or smell, as they both come from the cannabis plant. The difference is the amount of psychoactive compound THC or tetrahydrocannabinol they contain.

Unlike previous users, Texas also lacks the infrastructure to turn the harvested crop into consumables such as oils, gummies, and buds, which are at the center of most of the hemp market. Trostle believes other hemp-based products that can be used in construction — including textiles and paper — could represent the state`s largest market, but he has never heard of a single processing plant in Texas capable of making these products. Although the federal government legalized hemp in 2018, Texas needed another year to officially recognize the new DC standards. It wasn`t until Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Bill 1325 of 2019 that industrial hemp lost its Schedule 1 status. Under the new rule, Texas allows the cultivation, manufacture, and sale of all hemp-derived products. Trostle said AgriLife Research scientists and AgriLife Extension specialists continue to move forward on several projects related to variety assessment, plant breeding and end-use potential, and that Texas hemp organizations are looking for a viable future for the harvest. The easiest way for Texans to order hemp flowers is to work with a reputable online retailer like Cannaflower. All the artisanal varieties in our hemp flower catalog have been laboratory checked to contain ≤ 0.3% THC. If you would like to know more about buying from our cbd catalog, please email us at [email protected] Texas hemp legalized in 2019, but not marijuana. The new law has led to confusion as to which marijuana products are legal in Texas. Meanwhile, support for drug legalization remains high in investigations, and other cannabis-derived products such as Delta-8 have emerged. “A blow to adults who need access to the amenities that smokable hemp provides,” he said in a statement.

“The only option now is to change the law in Texas, which means consumers have to knock on the door of their state officials. And companies that didn`t stand up before to guarantee their rights in the state must now fund lobbying to change the law. Hemp was legalized federally by the 2018 Farm Bill and in Texas by House Bill 1325, which Governor Greg Abbott signed into law in 2019. Now, CBD products are sold throughout the state. “The fantasy of growing hemp and making tens of thousands of dollars per acre is behind us, and now we`re looking at how we can make hemp a viable option for growers,” Trostle said. “I think a lot of people are happy to see Texas A&M AgriLife involved and bring reliable science, but they don`t always like to hear what we`re saying. the facts we report. I think there is a future for industrial hemp in Texas, but it will take time, effort and investment. Better seed sources would be a big step towards reducing input costs, Trostle said. Growers can pay anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500 per acre for certain varieties of CBD, especially if they buy all the female seeds, as female plants produce CBD. Applications for licenses to grow industrial hemp in Texas have been open since March 2020.

According to local media, the state`s first legal hemp farm opened north of Austin in April. AUSTIN, Texas (CN) — Texas` ban on making smokable hemp products is consistent with its long history of regulating cannabis, the state Supreme Court ruled Friday, so there is no right to do so under the Texas Constitution. The Farm Bill distinguishes marijuana from hemp by its low THC content and allows farmers to grow hemp. But President Richard Nixon`s signing of the Controlled Substances Act in 1970 effectively banned hemp production because he banned substances containing THC, whether marijuana or hemp. About 132,000 acres of CBD hemp have been harvested in the U.S. this year and much of the harvest has never been processed. In 2020, about 65,000 hectares have been harvested, and only 40,000 hectares in more than 40 states could meet the demand for CBD in 2021. “Given the long history of considerable state efforts to prohibit and regulate the production, possession and use of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, we conclude that the manufacture and processing of smokable hemp products is neither a right of liberty nor a personal property right that protects the standardized course clause,” Boyd concluded.

Surveys have shown that support for some form of marijuana legalization has remained strong in recent years. “Any product made from other parts of the plant – for example, flowers, buds or leaves – was considered marijuana and was completely illegal under the current law. The record in this case shows that the cannabis flower is the most important and essential component of the smokable products that hemp companies want to process and manufacture,” he wrote in a 31-page order. However, the fate of Delta-8 is unclear. CBD companies first started selling Delta-8 in Texas because its low THC concentration qualifies it as a “legal marijuana extract” under HB 1325. But in 2021, DSHS tried to stop the sale by classifying delta-8 as an illegal substance. While the current hemp market price is hard to spot because there is no readily available public price data, Justin Benavidez, an economist at Texas A&M AgriLife, said his best estimate is now around 77 cents a pound — a price at which farmers “almost certainly lose money.” Hemp growers across the country are learning that there is a simple supply and demand problem: it doesn`t take a lot of hemp to produce a lot of CBD products.