Ar 15 Wood Stock California Legal

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While California`s unconstitutional restrictions certainly shouldn`t even exist, this Californian legal construct is still abundantly capable. For a lightweight yet durable high-end solid, you should opt for the Aluminum DoubleStar Ace Skeleton Stock. This inventory can handle everything you go through with ease. If you live in California and missed the registration deadline for your “assault weapon,” inoperability is the only way to keep your rifle legal, functional, and in the state. For now, inoperability seems to be the best legal setup to keep an eye on the rifle`s functionality. We are already seeing that several companies continue to innovate, offering new products that look decent and work well within the limits of the law. California has added many laws in recent years, and it can be difficult to keep up with what`s legal and what`s not. However, the use of legally acquired 30-shot magazines in your non-functional rifle is allowed. That being said, you could still be harassed if you do, the choice is yours.

And if you want to buy a legal AR in California without having to deal with the hassle of a stationary magazine, a rifle without features is the only way. These last features (thumb hole tree, grenade launcher or torch, and front pistol grip) are simply not allowed, so you don`t have them at all. Magpul MOE shares are among the most popular and well-known spare actions currently available. The Thordsen FRS stick is an incredibly popular choice for many California shooters. What you essentially get with a Thordsen is a conventional rifle shaft for your AR-15. The main advantage over most other non-functional options is ergonomics. It allows for a much more natural feel as your thumb can wrap around the handle of the gun, providing more comfort and a sense of control. Since our employee frequently travels to Arizona and other parts of Free America, he equipped the rifle so that it could be easily reconfigured for out-of-state use. It replaced the foldable shaft with VLTOR`s fixed ARM rifle shaft, a fully equipped shaft with excellent cheek welding, storage compartments and QD rings. It also fits a standard carabiner receiver extension and can be replaced by releasing the locking latch if you want to upgrade to a foldable shaft.

To get rid of the pistol grip – as defined by state law – he attached a Solar Tactical Kydex handle that wrapped around the original handle to prevent the user from wrapping his thumb around the handle. He did this instead of installing a specially designed Californian functionless handle, as it`s easier to remove and reinstall the envelope for out-of-state travel than the entire handle. Finally, he installed a standard charger from Strike Industries and upgraded the trigger with a flat one-stage SSTAT unit from AIM Surplus, which broke at 3.75 pounds. Some people have reported that they don`t find it particularly convenient, but with a variety of standard Magpul accessories, including alternative popads, you can make it your own. With Strike Industries Stock Stop, you can convert your collapsible inventory into a fixed inventory without breaking through, repairing, or damaging your inventory, so you can easily change it again when you leave the status. No! There is another option that allows you to keep your features (pistol grip, folding/telescopic shaft, front handle and flash removal) while remaining completely legal. This is the Fixed or Magazine Lock option. But that`s not its only option — in California, you can freely own a semi-automatic center-fire rifle with a magazine as long as it doesn`t have certain features that the state has deemed particularly offensive, such as a pistol grip, a foldable tree, and a lightning hideout, among others. If you do this, you can keep the normal functionality with your magazines and also use mags with a standard capacity. This allows you to maximize its skills as much as possible within the framework of the law; Gunmen in California call this a “featureless” construction (see page 78). So we helped him put one together. Telescopic trees, also known as foldable trees, serve the same purpose, but rather collapse into themselves (don`t forget to extend and fold a telescope).

You only use it to fill all the holes except one of your adjustable shaft. Unfortunately, you can`t adjust the length, but that`s what it is. A semi-automatic center-fire rifle with any of these characteristics and a removable magazine is considered an “offensive weapon” under California law and is illegal. Just in case a thumb hole tree is a tree with a hole through which the shooter can insert the thumb of his trigger hand while firing the rifle. Until you do any of these things, you are in possession of an illegal firearm. If you`ve gotten used to shooting an AR-15 with features in the past, the handle and shaft setup is the most radical change when switching to a rifle without functionality. After spending a lot of time with the assortment, you will eventually adapt. Everyone has a preference for what seems “best,” but the top picks below are all great work options. These kits are available in a few different colors and a few generations, both of which are completely Californian legal. Finally, we`ll also discuss a few pre-built, feature-free ARs that you can buy if you want an AR, but also need to make sure it`s legal in California. We are not lawyers. Talk to one of them if you`re not sure if your gun is legal or not.

Important Note: As mentioned above, the fixed or locked charger option requires a charger of 10 shots (or less). California`s magazine laws are in motion, allowing California citizens to legally purchase standard capacity magazines (also mistakenly referred to as “high-capacity magazines”). Attaching a legally acquired 30-shot magazine to your rifle with features is illegal, don`t do it. Which brand is the share in the folding load-bearing image? Some of the above gripping and stock-buying options keep your trigger hand thumb in an unusual position and can make it difficult to choose safety. There are two points that I recommend to address these issues. The first is a thumb rest from Juggernaut Tactical. It replaces the back disassembly pen and offers a comfortable position to rest your thumb. The Thordsen FRS-15 Stock Kit allows you to make your pistol grip and shaft (which we`ll discuss later) functional with the same kit. A folding shaft can be folded to the side, making your rifle shorter for more convenient storage. If you opt for the fin handle option, be sure to choose a non-foldable or non-telescopic shaft. Many people take an adjustable stock and attach it permanently, while others prefer to buy only a fixed stock like this. Many featureless handles and shafts also require you to modify your handle so that there is no ideal place for your thumb.

Theoretically, you can use a blind pen and epoxy resin to make your foldable or foldable shaft still, but there are items specifically designed to convert your favorite folding or telescopic shaft into solid stock. Exactly what`s on the box, so even if you`re not familiar with thumb-hole stocks, you can probably guess what it is. A2 stockes are a solid choice if you want a vintage look. They are available from a variety of manufacturers and have storage compartments as a bonus. But first, a warning: although the information discussed here is of a legal nature, this is not legal advice. One of the employees of THE RECOIL lives behind the Iron Curtain under the California sun. You`ll be surprised at the number of shooters who live in the state, despite his political leadership aggressively seeking freedom. Years ago, he bought a SIG Sauer M400 rifle that had been sterilized for California with a device called Bullet Button, which would release a 10-shot magazine with just a tool or bullet tip. When California politicians passed another law requiring guns to be registered with bullet buttons instead of registering them, he dismantled them to remain legal and placed them in the back of his safe.

So even if you only have one of these features on your semi-automatic center-fire rifle, you own what California considers an “assault weapon” unless your magazine is repaired. The only way for Californians to legally possess these characteristics on a semi-automatic center-fire rifle is either A) to register the weapon as an “assault weapon” or B) to have a fixed magazine, which we`ll talk about later. And if you like the feel of your telescopic bearing, you can opt for the Stock-Lok kit without functionality. These include a stick locomotive, a functionless handle with a handy thumb rest, a muzzle brake, and all the tools and materials you need to install your new non-functional items. Our favorite among their fixed stocks, the Magpul MOE Mil-Spec Fixed Stock is a great affordable choice. Ideally, we don`t want to be criminals, but the state certainly makes things difficult. Still, has created an informative flowchart to help gun owners determine if their gun is legal. Start at the top left of the diagram and answer the questions accordingly.

Using a “fin handle” and a fixed shaft is the cheapest way to turn your AR-15 into a non-functional rifle (with a compliant muzzle device, of course). This option allows you to use the features of your AR-15 by attaching or locking your rifle`s 10-shot (or less) magazine while the lower magazine is attached to the top receiver. This is often done with a device such as the Juggernaut Tactical Hellfighter Kit, which is available from Brownells.